Many people thought of Trump’s candidacy as a joke. I thought of Trump himself as a joke but not his candidacy. In early 2016 itself I placed a small bet with a friend. In the present state of that Union, a pussy-grabbing showman who ran gambling casinos for a living had more chances of becoming President than an experienced politician. But I never expected Trump to be this much of a game-changer. He has begun the end of the hundred years’ war.

This is not about the old one between the kings of England and France about the right to rule ol’ Blighty. This is about the modern one which started with the intervention of the European alliance in the Russian civil war in 1918. Since then we have been seeing a spate of wars, not caused by bored kings who had nothing else to do but in the name of people who had everything to lose.

Whatever be the stated objectives of the European alliance, their real aim was to destroy the Communists. They were fighting on behalf of the fading kings and their upcoming replacements, namely the post-industrial-revolution magnates. The Communists, on the other hand, were fighting for the people.

Ironically, Stalin and then Mao Tse Dong and then Pol Pot warred upon the people themselves in the name of the people. It was war by the megalomaniacs and for the megalomaniacs. On the other side the new kings were continuing their crusades. Again the people were the victims. The deprivations and exploitation suffered by the common man in Europe found expression in the Nazi and Fascist movements, and brought about the second world war.

Then, as people all over the world rebelled against the old dispensations, the old kings and the new kings waged wars to protect their positions. The Korean War was fought to clip the wings of Communism, the self-professed delivering angel of the people. Then the kings sent men to Bay of Pigs, and then again to Saigon, to protect the gambling casinos and brothels run by the new kings and their friends, the people be damned! Those who were not with them were against them, they said. So they fomented trouble against India, against the people in the oil countries, waged a relentless Economic war against Soviet Russia till the inefficient Communism capitulated.

The kings always wanted their sway over the resources of the world, and always wanted the people of the world under their thumb. For this they needed perpetually active war machines, and they needed to justify the wars and the war machines by setting up bogeymen. Communism was the best and the biggest of those. Obedient servants were propped up as messianic leaders who helped keep the people and the businesses and the war machines in good order…a Marcos here, a Suhartho there, A Pahlavi somewhere, even a Noriega or a jack of spades here and there. A Kim here or a Hussein there who would not kowtow were demonized. A boorish Yeltsin who sold his country is a great man, a Gorbachev who tried to steady it and a Putin who rebuilt it are villains….

Trump has called the bluff. He, childlike, has acted for peace. Either he does not realize that he is acting against the interests of his own tribe or he doesn’t care. What he has accomplished in Sentosa is a new beginning, the hopeful seed of a new world order. In the new order the governments of the world need not range themselves into confronting teams, the world need not be a black and white division of the good and the bad. There needn’t be a perpetual scare of bogeymen who have to be fought.

With this one event I have removed Trump from the “accidental President joker” pigeonhole to the one for “eccentric statesman President”. If the world capitalizes on the opportunity Trump and Kim have crafted together, Trump has the right to be classified along with Monroe, Wilson and Truman in his impact on the affairs of the world.

By marking the end of that sinister confrontational psychosis that had the world in its grip from the end of the first world war, Trump has trumped himself. He has made the world a better place.

There is much for India in this. Let me end with Jai Hind!