Just like the pearly gates of heaven where St. Peter stands to admit new arrivals, there is another one where an angel interviews those who go out to be born on earth. Each little soul has to fill in a form with the following questions:-

Which country do you want to be born in?

Theist, Atheist, Agnostic or Indifferent?

If theist, any religion preferred?

Sex: F or M?

If Normal orientation not desired, then the required Sexual Orientation: Homo, B or T?

The soul is born on earth according to whatever answers it gives the Angel.

You know this is only a silly little story I made up just now. But whether such a choice is made or not, the person being born on earth has no memory of any such decision he made at any time about his sexual orientation. He just knows what he likes and tries to be happy. To him, what he is is not what he has chosen; it is but only a given. A person born as an L, G, B or T would live happily as such; had he been born as Normal, he would have lived happily as Normal.


As a 60-year old family man, I have to observe this much:- if one applies the test of extremes and asks “what will happen if all human beings become homosexuals?”, the answer points out that homosexuality is basically untenable. Mind you, I am not saying it is a crime. I have not thought of the legal or moral aspects. I am just commenting on the biologic. The biology is that female and male interact and bring forth progeny. And the progeny, in their turn, repeat it. Thus we have come so far from the first organism that reproduced ‘sexually’. Of course homosexuality has existed in history, perhaps it exists in other species too as some people claim. But IMO the recent apparent increase in homosexuality is attributable to the breakdown of the family, therefore the disruption of the formation of the progeny into progenitors as nature needs. Hypothetically speaking, chances are that a homosexual would have been as pleased with his life had he been sent out by the Creator with the normal orientation. He/she would never know differently!

It can be hoped that the extreme condition will not come to pass, that this state of aberration will soon be corrected. But it is doubtful. There are two reasons why I doubt.


One is that there seems to be a drive to push the world into the same-sex orientation, ie: for the not-normal to become the norm. By who? We don’t know now, we might know some day. For what? Possibly to convert the entire world into worker drones who only exist for food and fun…”panem et cirences” as the ancient Roman patricians thought would be enough to keep the plebeians in line and in permanent subjugation. Food and Circus was ancient Roman. Modern world has so much more at its disposal. But with longer and ‘more fun’ life, mankind will have been taken a step down into less meaningful and fulfilling lives that nobody would be wiser about. Horrible, is it not?

What about replenishment of stock? The people behind this push may be thinking that enough workers can be ‘manufactured’ in hospitals. In all probability they will be LGBTs, something like the human version of the broiler chicken that do not reproduce naturally.

My second reason is that as broken families increase, the number of those with sexual deviations is also likely to keep on increasing. The only corrective force is the ‘family’. But as the medicine itself becomes corrupted, the sickness will prevail.


One argument counter to mine is that LGBTs are produced even in normal families. Most often what the objector means by ‘normal family’ will be merely that there will be two parents, a man and a woman, who are not divorced ever. But that does not mean that the parenting will be right or normal. A harsh father, an unloving mother, loving parents but innocently exposing their children to not-normal environmental influences – certainly these are conditions which can prevail even in supposedly normal families. Parenting is the key. What is a ‘normal family’? The definition should include ‘the ability to raise normal children who will grow up equipped to set up normal families and have their own normal children.” Wrong social conditions produce wrong parenting. That in turn produces children who may be normal in sexual orientation but may not be ‘normal’ in the ability to bring up ‘normal’ children.

As some of you may have noticed, there is a campaign going on to undermine the family. Some say a conspiracy. Some say it is a natural evolution. IMO it is high time that the LGBTs realize that they are actually being victimized, in a deeper sense, through the support that they are given. Just like a man born with a speech defect or a lame leg, what LGBTs need to be given is respect and affection, and treatment to restore their condition to the normative.


These days every newspaper carries some article pushing LGBT rights. It is amazing. Speaking from India, it seems that a poor person belonging to a backward and marginalized community will be better off becoming L, G, B or T at his speediest – he will soon have all sorts of supporters and privileges. We are following the global trend. There seems to be something or someone sitting somewhere turning a steering wheel.

Reason tells me that those who promote LGBT interests for temporary gains are hurting themselves, the LGBTs, and humankind itself, in the long run. Whatever it is, unless the LGBTs themselves sit up, take notice and act, the number of LGBT souls knocking on Heaven’s ‘OUT’ door is likely to increase.

Be prepared for future schlok! Better, act to Make the World A Better Place.